Don't let the flurries fool you, Calgary - it's not winter yet! - 660 City NEWS
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Don't let the flurries fool you, Calgary -- it's not winter yet!

Snowflakes fall outside 660 NEWS in downtown Calgary on September 13, 2018. (Ian Campbell, 660 NEWS)

A September sneak peek of snow was an unwelcome sight for many Calgarians Thursday, but it’s mostly over now.

Calgary got off easy compared to other parts of the province.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Heather Rombough said Grande Prairie, Slave Lake, Jasper and regions toward Banff received anywhere from 10-14 centimetres since Wednesday.

“Further east and south we had reports of anywhere from to 3 around 9 centimetres,” she said.

Calgarians had fun with the flakes on Twitter:


Friday night may be a bit tricky to predict: if colder air pushes south, Calgary could see more snow, but Rombough said it will likely turn into thunderstorms.

Temperatures will still be below normal next week, but it’s not winter yet.

“This isn’t that unusual. There’s been reasonably significant snowfalls that have occurred in the month of September in past years,” Rombough said.

She said there have also been years of temperatures pushing 30 degrees in September: this year is just on the cooler side.