Alberta RCMP change alarm response policy
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Alberta RCMP change alarm response policy


RCMP in our province have changed the way they respond to alarms.

It is in response to just under 15,500 false alarm calls in 2017, and officials estimate they cost police 8,000 man hours.

Cpl. Chris Warren said, if an alarm is triggered only once, they are going to need confirmation a police response is required before attending the scene.

“A verified alarm would be through a complainant, property rep, key owner, homeowner, actually being at the scene or having some other verification to say that this does need to be checked out,” he explained.

Mounties won’t need that verification if multiple sensors are going off in a home.

As well, if the alarm is going off at a financial institution or schools, officers will respond right away.

An internal review showed most alarms triggered only once are false, and can tie up 911 lines and police manpower.

“We cover a vast area of very diverse places, ranging from small hamlets to cities over 150,000 people,” he said.

“So, a considerable amount of time will be saved.”

RCMP are advising people to make sure they keep their windows and doors secure, know their alarm codes, and make sure their batteries are replaced regularly to avoid triggering false alarms.

The new policy went into effect July 13.