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Experts push for more bike helmet laws, infrastructure

Last Updated Aug 8, 2018 at 3:21 am MDT

(Sandra Prusina - 660 NEWS)

What’s the best way to reduce serious injury collisions involving bicycles?

Calgary’s medical officer of health says that AHS supports the use of bike helmets.

“(I’m) thinking about the role of helmets and properly fitted helmets in preventing up to 80 per cent of possibly serious head injuries,” Dr. Jason Cabaj said.

Bike Calgary agrees that helmets are definitely a good choice for people, but Director Gary Mallard believes the city can do more to promote safety through improved infrastructure.

“What we found is that well-designed infrastructure accommodates all travellers, and it requires less instruction and training, it’s intuitive, and it welcomes people. It becomes the method of choice for travel,” Mallard said.

Alberta Health Services said 30 people have been hospitalized in bike incidents in Calgary since April 1, though it’s not known the type of injuries, or how many were wearing helmets.