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Health Canada approves drug tested in Calgary for prostate cancer treatment


A new drug has been approved in the fight against prostate cancer. Health Canada has approved Erleada.

Dr. Geoffrey Gotto, with the Prostate Cancer Centre, confirms doctors can now use the drug if castration fails.

“This drug is targeting what is called non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer,” Gotto explained. “So prostate cancer that has failed castration but without evidence of it having metastasized or spread to other areas like bone or lymph nodes.”

Gotto said researchers were fortunate to be able to offer it to patients in Calgary during clinical trials.

“The Spartan study was the trial that looked at the use of Erleada or Apaludimide in this patient population, that we were able to enroll patients at our site.” Gotto added, “For a period of time there, we had something to offer these patients who were progressing despite our best efforts with hormonal therapy.”

Gotto said this is a huge advancement in terms of treatment.