Student letter asks city councillor to get rid of cigarette butts
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Student letter asks city councillor to get rid of cigarette butts

Last Updated Jul 19, 2018 at 7:24 am MDT


A plea from a class at a northwest school is asking a city councillor to help solve a litter problem.

Druh Farrell tweeted Tuesday, a picture of a letter from young students at Hillhurst School telling her the community of Kensington would be a much nicer and fresher place to live if people stopped throwing their cigarette butts on the ground.

Farrell agreed with the kids calling it the most common form of litter.

“I think there are a number of things that we can to do improve the situation, it’s really just a habit, a bad habit, and we need to make it easier for people to dispose of their butts responsibly.” Farrell said.

Farrell suggests following Edmonton’s lead which has cigarette receptacles at almost every street corner in the downtown area.

“We should ask and maybe even require every office building, every restaurant to have cigarette receptacles outside their businesses.” Farrell said.

Farrell believes there should be zero tolerance when it comes to the city’s bylaw of tossing butts on the ground and out the window which could also potentially start a grass fire.

She said she was happy to receive the letter from the kids that helped bring light to this important issue.