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Springbank community opposes flood mitigation project

Courtesy: dontdamnspringbank.org

Opposition continues to pour in against the Springbank dry dam flood mitigation project.

Now, the Springbank Community Association is speaking out, officially voting recently to oppose the dam.

Association president Karin Hunter tells CityNews she calculated the costs of the project on all residents of Rocky View County and found the bill to be about $50 million.

“I think we need to take a better look at the up stream option of McLean Creek, and I think if they’re intent on Springbank, despite all of the evidence that says it’s a bad idea, they need to step up and cost the damages to our community which are tremendous.” Hunter said.

The community association is just the latest to come forward against the $430 million dry dam joining the “Don’t Dam Springbank” group and the Tsuu-T’ina Nation.

The province continues to say Springbank is the best option to help avoid flooding in downtown Calgary and that it will expropriate land from home owners if necessary.