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Homeless numbers dropping in city


Even though Calgary has the most people living on the streets in the province, a new report shows the numbers are dropping.

The latest count in April found just under three thousand people were homeless, a decrease of nearly 20 per cent from its peak in 2008.

The numbers show 72 per cent were male, and 26 per cent were female. Despite this, President and CEO of the Calgary Homeless Foundation, Diana Krecsy says it doesn’t show the whole story.

“The reason you see less women in the point and time count, doesn’t mean that there are not women in homelessness. It means they aren’t accessing those shelters or being in those systems that we can see through the point and time count,” said Krecsy.

Krecsy adds, even though the numbers are still high, the city is heading in the right direction.

“We are in the best position of any urban city now to actually dig in, now that we have turned the trending, trending up to trending down, now we really have to dig in and start to change policies and future ways of doing things, to ensure we don’t go backwards and continue to move forward.”

She says many thought it was impossible to not only stop the growth of homelessness, but to reduce it as well.