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Another conservative party on Alberta's horizon

(Crystal Laderas - 660 NEWS)

Is there room for another conservative party on the provincial political landscape?

Independent MLA Derek Fildebrandt seems to think so.

He’s announced he’ll be heading up the new F-C-P, or Freedom Conservative Party, which he says will be in better touch with far-right leaning Albertans than the United Conservative Party, which he says has been “taken over by the old Tory establishment and feels entitled to power.”

MRU political scientist Lori Williams tell CityNews Fildebrandt may win some followers.

“Those who are much further to the right, those who are socially conservative and don’t think that this UCP is sufficiently conservative or think that its too far to the left, those people will find an alternative on the right more appealing,” she explained.

Fildebrandt has had his troubles in recent years, getting caught making money from renting out his government-financed apartment in Edmonton, and more recently, pleading guilty to hunting on private property.

He says the FCP will only run candidates in ridings where it’s clear a conservative winner is likely.