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New black cart plan sent back for more work

City of Calgary/YouTube

The idea hasn’t been trashed, but the pay-as-you-throw garbage proposal has been sent back to administrators for further sorting.

The program would see Calgarians be allowed to pick from three different size black carts and pay according to the one they choose, as well as introduce a tagging system for when extra trash is being tossed outside the bin.

But Director of Waste Recycling Services Rick Valdarchi told City News, members had concerns about contamination and the bottom line.

“Capital and operating and how that could be reflected in rates and they’ve asked us to come back with that information before they’ll make any decision on whether we want to proceed with implementation with this sort of program,” he said.

Valdarchi said they’ll bring it back to the committee by early next year, and if it gets rubber stamped then, the program could still launch in 2020 as originally proposed.