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YYC Airport to be more welcoming for passengers

(Crystal Laderas - 660 NEWS)

Drawing inspiration from things that make Calgary and southern Alberta unique, the Calgary Airport Authority has a new direction.

With the goal of elevating guest experiences and driving economic growth, it unveiled the North Star vision.

Calgary Airport Authority President and CEO Bob Sartor said the biggest shift will be changing the way they view people coming through the airport.

“Previously, we called them passengers. They were the airlines customers. But guess what, they’re coming into our house, so they’re our guests and we need to treat them a certain way.”

This helps frame the inspiration behind the new vision — as the north star is what mariners used as a main compass point.

“It allows an organization to constantly check against that compass point. In our case it’s providing those memorable and effortless experiences.”

A lot of focus will be on the domestic terminal.

“Arriving in the international terminal and then connecting into the domestic terminal could be a jarring experience because there’s such an age difference between them. So one of the things we’re going to do is really revisit everything we do in the domestic terminals.”

That means a four-year process to change signage, technology, food and beverage, retail and service.

“That focus is something that’s going to drive how we curate our experiences at the airport. It’s actually going to be fundamentally changing how we do business,” said Sartor.