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Calgary MLA urges province to adopt UK limit on paramedic transfer time

(Kaitlin Lee - 660 NEWS)

Dr. David Swann says the province should be looking to Great Britain in helping reduce the time paramedics have to wait at the hospital to transfer their patients.

The Calgary Mountainview MLA said the recent money the government invested into more ambulances and paramedics is good, however it doesn’t address this problem.

Dr. Swann says the UK has got it right.

“In Great Britain they have instituted a 15 minute limit on transfer time. They saved a lot of money and reduced the risk in terms of people’s health and community risk in terms of transport time. So, I’m just calling on this government to reduce our one hour time down to 15 minutes,” he said.

He said if the province was to make the move it would save them $15-million next year.