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Police encourage victims of fraud to come forward

(Kevin Usselman - 660 NEWS)

Calgary police want the public to know anyone can be a victim of fraud.

A public information session was held Tuesday night trying to protect citizens from future scams.

Acting Sgt. Andrew Critchley said criminals don’t just target the most vulnerable of our population.

“Somebody who perhaps feels that they’re getting a real good bargain on a particular item — that is a driver, and that can happen to any demographic,” he said.

He said, one of the newest scams they’ve seen involved stealing digital currency.

“Any government agency or law enforcement agency will never ask or demand payment in bitcoin,” Sgt. Critchley said.

He said 95 per cent of fraud goes unreported.

“Once they’ve been victimized they feel embarrassed to come forward,” Sgt. Critchley said.

“When they reflect on the actual crime, they feel that they should have known better and they actually don’t report this to anybody, which really doesn’t help out efforts to identify and to target and to co-ordinate prevention efforts.”

Calgarians were scammed out of an estimated $61-million last year.