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Be Part of the Energy: dated slogan or still relevant?

Calgary Economic Development/YouTube

“Be Part of the Energy.”

It’s been Calgary’s slogan for a few years, but does it hold up? Does the city still have an energy people want to be a part of?

Calgary Economic Development President and CEO Mary Moran explained the slogan was originally created to attract labour.

“It was definitely meant to be a double entendre and acknowledge the fact that we have a strong energy sector in Calgary and I think the question we all have to ask ourselves is will we have a strong energy sector for the future?” she queried.

She said brands are created for promotion outside the community, but locals still need to be proud of it.

“We did a lot of research this year, we had a company from Belgium in conjunction with tourism in come and do an assessment and they said the one thing that every community says but only Calgary really has in the community spirit,” she said.

Moran added when people and investors come to Calgary, they’re attracted to our highly educated talent pool, and for now, the cheap office space.

She explained it may be hard to attract investment into the energy sector, but there is a lot of interest in other sectors like health, agriculture and technology.