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"The melt" is keeping city crews busy

The warm weather has hit Calgary and that means all the snow we have seen is starting to melt, creating pools of large puddles.

Manager of Waste Water and Storm Water Collection Corey Colbran says so far the city has been getting a lot of calls about plugged or frozen catch basins.

“We’ve received in the neighbourhood of about 1,800 phone calls since things started warming up last week and we are certainly dealing with those.”

Crews also have to deal with thousands of high priority spots that are known to back up, many of which are in low lying areas.

Colbran says if you see any spots where water is pooling, definitely keep an eye on it.

“If it’s been there for a period of longer than 90 minutes, that’s absolutely where we would want folks calling 311,” says Colbran. “We will be able to triage those and deal with them on a priority basis.”