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Ag for Life expanding 'What's in the Field?' program

Agriculture for Life is expanding what consumers can learn about crops grown in Alberta with the launch of ‘What’s in the Field?’

The website is an extension of the popular initiative, of the same name, in which farmers put up signs in their fields defining what they are growing.

CEO Luree Williamson said organizers are always looking for farmers to take part in the initiative and all they need to do is go on to the website and sign up.

“Fill out some information with regards to where you are, where you live. We go ahead and we go through the process of getting permits so that you can have the signs up. So, we go through all of that and then we have the sign made for them and get it shipped out so they can put it up in their field,” she said.

The signs are put up in the fields at no cost to the farmer, as they are paid for by Ag for Life’s sponsors.