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Calgary considering changes to LRT station parking

Calgary Transit

Finding parking at LRT stations around Calgary can be a challenge, and councillors are trying to find solutions at the request of Calgary Transit.

Currently, 50 per cent of spots are reserved while the other 50 per cent are free at every station park-and-ride.

Calgary Transit’s Andrea Adams explained one possibility is increasing the number of reserved spots at some popular stations, while lowering them at others.

“So in parking lots where there are long waiting lists (for reserved spots), which we do have, we can offer spots to some of those people,” she explained.

Councillor Shane Keating said there’s no question the city needs to maintain free parking at all lots, and that could mean looking for partnerships.

“We can take Anderson for example, can we find a parking lot that is close, maybe a block’s walk, that would be free and for those who are willing to pay right next to the station then maybe they should be able to have that,” he said.

There are thousands of people on wait lists for reserved parking.

The lack of reserved parking is the biggest problem at the end of the lines, while reserved spots closer to the core sometimes sit empty.

Weekday reserved parking between 2 a.m. and 10 a.m. costs $85 a month.