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Calgary initiative works towards road safety

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A couple dozen emergency trucks converged on Stoney Trail Southeast Wednesday evening as a part of the Slow Down, Move Over campaign.

The event was held to raise awareness about road safety and the need for drivers to slow down and move over when they see flashing lights.

Towing Recovery Association of Alberta’s Derrek Spencer said it was held on the one-year anniversary of Tow Truck Driver Courtney Schaefer being killed in Saskatchewan.

“(The) Saskatchewan Association reached out to the Alberta Association and asked us if we would take part in this,” he said. “In Calgary we reached out to all the other tow companies, and fire and police and EMS, and the turn out was great [Wednesday night].”

Twenty tow trucks, two fire trucks, two ambulances and four police cars were parked alongside Stoney Trail near 114 Avenue for the event.