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City orders arena inspections following roof collapse

City officials say it's too early to determine a cause in regards to the Fairview Arena collapse (660 NEWS Ian Campbell)

In the wake of the roof collapse at the Fairview Arena on Tuesday, the City of Calgary will be conducting reviews of about 40 arenas next week.

The city’s chief building official Marco Civitarese says they will look at arenas built in the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

He says since they don’t know what caused the Fairview to cave-in, they want to do a visual inspection of buildings built in the same era.

“There’s causation that we don’t know about now, and so we’re identifying that certainly something in that era – that construction methodology – may have a part to play in,” said Civitarese. “So that’s what we’re reflecting on right now, is what we saw.”

Civitarese says they will be probably doing some selective demolition at the Fairview Arena this weekend, which will allow them to get into the building and investigate the cause of the collapse.