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Canada Action holds rally in hopes of pushing pipelines forward

Dozens gathered in front of Calgary Centre Member of Parliament Kent Hehr’s downtown office Friday in hopes of having their opinion on pipelines heard.

“We are down here to show our public support for the Trans Mountain pipeline and other Canadian energy infrastructure,” said organizer Cody Battershill. “We see a lot of protests and that’s not representative of the entire Canadian population, there is a silent majority out there that needs to start speaking up and expressing their views on these important issues and we’re down here today to try show some leadership for that.”

Battershill says they decided to call it a rally in hopes of being positive and non-partisan around this natural resource conversation.

“We see this recent ongoing trade spat ongoing between Alberta and British Columbia, Canadians should not be fighting Canadians. We need the federal government to step up, to do their job and to put action behind their words. This pipeline is approved, this pipeline has been reviewed and it’s time to get this pipeline built.”

He told reporters global oil demand is growing and everytime someone blocks a local pipeline, it only benefits other producing oil countries that don’t have the same rigourous, environmental standards.

Hugh McKenzie came out with his family and friends to support his father who works in the oil industry.

“I think nowadays people are hearing misconceptions about the oil industry and how un-environmentally friendly it is to take it out, where in Canada it’s one of the most green and clean, environmentally friendly ways to take it out of the ground unlike in Saudi Arabia and those countries,” he said.

“Plastics will always be made out of hydrocarbons, we still need it in Alberta to heat our homes,” said Richard McKenzie.

The protest comes roughly 24 hours after Premier Rachel Notley decided to end the B.C. wine boycott.