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It's the perfect time to put on winter tires


Some may think it’s too early to put on winter tires, but experts say it’s the perfect time.

Cal Tire Expert Jeff Wiebb tells CityNews there’s a misconception.

“It’s more about the temperature than it is about the actual — what’s falling from the sky. Seven degrees Celsius is when we know all-season or three season tires tend to get a little bit hard. They don’t grip as well because they’re hard (and) they don’t conform to the road surface the same way winter tires do,” he said.

Wiebb said all-season tires are not good for winter in Calgary, so, people need to make sure they have the proper wheels on to ensure vehicle safety.

He said all-weather tires are an option for drivers who don’t plan on being on the road in a lot of snow or ice, but they are not excellent in extreme conditions.