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City of Calgary roads department ready for winter

(City of Calgary)

It’s never too early to get ready for snow in Calgary.

But while the first blast of winter may have caught some off guard, the City of Calgary roads department was ready.

Spokesperson Anna Melnick said crews were busy sanding priority one roads Monday morning and collecting debris whipped up by the wind.

“The city has over 100 pieces of equipment that we can use whenever we need to use it so if like today, we have snow in October, then we’re ready to go,” she said.

When the heavy snow does come, the city should be in pretty good shape financially.

The snow removal budget for 2017 is $38 million.

“During a typical winter maintenance, we usually spend about 30 per cent of that annual budget between October through December,” Melnick explained.

The department still has $10 million to get through December with another $15 million in reserve.