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Trending: #StarTrekDiscovery, #WWENoMercy, #takeaknee

#StarTrekDiscovery was trending Monday, following Sunday’s pilot of the much anticipated series.

The release was only available on Netflix U.S. CraveTV owns the exclusive streaming rights in Canada; the show is scheduled for release Monday!

Wreslting fans were still talking about #WWENoMercy, Monday morning, many with questions about the rumoured retirement of John Cena.

In the United States, #takeaknee was trending, after President Donald Trump called NFL players who kneel during the U.S. National Anthem S.O.Bs.

The movement stretched beyond football, with NBA players weighing in and artists kneeling in support.

Lebron James retweeted a video of himself.

In Hartford, Connecticut, the ‘Roger Waters Us + Them Tour’ took a knee, centre stage, at the XL Center.

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