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Trending: Puerto Rico, Mexico City, Rocket Man

Two major weather events had social media swirling with pictures, videos and well wishes for the millions of people affected by a Mexican earthquake and Caribbean hurricane.

In Puerto Rico, 250 km/hr wind, a 9 foot storm surge, power outages and ripped up palm trees were just a few of the sights and sounds being shared online.

The island name was trending, Wednesday morning, after being slammed by Hurricane Maria at category four status.

In Mexico City, residents still reeling in the aftermath of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake received well wishes and condolences in the wake of a rising death toll.

There are plenty of images and videos of rescuers picking through mountains of rubble, in search of survivors.

On a somewhat lighter note, Rocket Man caught on, thanks to U.S. President Donald Trump‘s nickname for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Social media lovers also found #AHSCult trending Wednesday, following Tuesday’s episode of American Horror Story.

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