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Derek Fildebrandt testifies in hit and run case

(Crystal Laderas - 660 NEWS)

A former member of Alberta’s newest political party says he can’t remember hitting anything with his pickup truck or hearing a loud crash.

Derek Fildebrandt told provincial court in Edmonton that he doesn’t remember using his truck the day he is accused of hitting a van in his condo’s parking lot.

Court also heard the van’s owner was sitting on her balcony, heard a crash and saw Fildebrandt’s truck drive away.

Police charged Fildebrandt in 2016 with leaving the scene of an accident and failing to notify the owner of a damaged vehicle.

The judge is to render his verdict on the charges Dec. 18.

Fildebrandt resigned from the United Conservative Party caucus last month after growing controversy over the traffic charges, his legislature expense claims and his admission that he rented out his taxpayer-subsidized apartment.

Fildebrandt had requested a mistrial over the Crown’s questioning tactics earlier in the trial.

He withdrew his request when the judge said he wouldn’t be able to give a decision on the mistrial application until November or even later.