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Limit student screen time: optometrist

(CREADIT: Pixabay)

As more students head back to school and parents take them shopping for the latest gadgets, a warning is out about eye strain.

All that time in front of screens can affect eye health and even learning.

Eye Spy Optometry’s Dr. Mark Ross said that as the world becomes more digital, it’s obvious people would spend more time staring at screens.

“For kids, it’s something that’s happening now both at home and at school, lots and lots of social media, lots of gaming and then lots of learning opportunities as well,” he explained.

Dr. Ross said parents want what’s best for their children and sometimes they may not realize the damage the eye strain causes.

“If you’re not aware of what the potential problems are and the potential risks are you aren’t going to necessarily know what you need to do or what you should do for your child’s benefit or your child’s health,” he said.

Dr. Ross added the headaches from eye strain and the inability to focus means students may not be able to learn properly, there are studies which show 80 per cent of learning is vision based, so using devices in moderation is important.

“We can see kids as young as six months, children are covered by Alberta Health for complete eye exams when they’re 18 or under so just coming in and having their eyes examined is one of the best things that can happen,” Dr. Ross said.