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Calgary beaver no longer alone after finding a friend

A beaver rescued from a Calgary golf course last year is doing well and making friends.

Executive director of the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation Holly Duvall says the beaver baby was originally found with tail wounds and far from water.

Then, this June in northeast Calgary an injured male beaver was taken in.

“You know it’s definitely a more natural setting for them to be with another beaver. The male is approximately two years old so he’s a year older then the beaver so he can teach her a few things as well.”

Duvall adds the pair instantly bonded which is a tough thing for these animals to do.

“It was fate really that this situation happened. We’ve had other beavers come in the past year and there’s never been any interaction between the two, our beaver and any other beaver that have come in.”

The beavers will need to be in the conservations care for another year and that comes at a big cost.

A gofundmepage has been set up and Duvall says even a dollar can go a long way.