660 NEWS Weather Guarantee Contest

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Here’s your chance to win some money with the 660 NEWS Weather Guarantee Contest, sponsored by Marlborough Ford!

The jackpot starts at $660 and grows by $25 every day until we miss the guaranteed daily high by more than 3 degrees. You could be our next winner, so enter the contest today below.

How it works:

Every weekday morning (excluding holidays) at 7:11am (MST), 660 NEWS will announce the guaranteed high temperature for that day. 660 NEWS will announce whether it made its weather guarantee the previous day or not. In the event we miss the guaranteed high temperature of the day by more than three degrees Celsius, as registered at Calgary International Airport, an entrant’s name will be randomly drawn from eligible 660 NEWS Insiders.

660 NEWS will then announce the name of an entrant as the potential jackpot prize winner. That entrant must call 660 NEWS at 403-250-1660 within 10 minutes for the chance to win the minimum $660 or larger accumulated jackpot prize.

In the event that the entrant named on the air does not call within the allotted time, the jackpot prize will continue to increase by $25 every day until the jackpot prize is won.

In the event that the entrant named on the air does call within the allotted time, the minimum $660 or accumulated jackpot prize will then be awarded and the 660 NEWS Weather Guarantee contest will be reset to the original $660. 660 NEWS Insiders must then enter again in order to participate in the contest.

In the event the guaranteed high is missed on a Friday, the Weather Guarantee will be announced the following Monday or the next business day following a holiday.

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We’d like to thank you for your interest and participation in the Weather Guarantee contest.