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Kids fighting cancer get huge show of support from students

(Dave Will - 660 NEWS)

Friday marked an emotional and inspiring day at Elboya School in Calgary, where 70 kids had their heads shaved in front of their classmates in support of others their age who are fighting cancer.

The gymnasium was packed as 14-year-old Rand Smith saw his sister Sofia lose her locks to support his fight against cancer.

“I’m really proud of Sofia for shaving her head,” the teen said fighting back tears when talking about his young sister. “It’s mind-blowing. She hasn’t cut her hair, ever. I can’t believe she’s doing it.”

Tears streamed down Sofia’s face as her dad, Dallas, held her hand at the barber’s chair.

Sixty-eight other students and staff at the school shaved their heads to raise nearly $50,000 for Kids Cancer Care, money earmarked for youth camps, research and support programs.