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Marijuana advocate cautions against selling weed alongside booze

Last Updated Apr 15, 2017 at 2:58 pm MST

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A local marijuana advocate is urging the Alberta government to keep pot out of liquor stores once the stuff becomes legal.

Keith Fagin, Director of Calgary 420, said marijuana should be sold separately in something like a dispensary.

“We would like to see it not sold in liquor stores, it’s not the same as liquor,” Fagin said. “It’s not the same intoxicant, it’s completely different.”

He states while alcohol typically reduces a person inhibition, that’s not necessarily the case with cannabis.

It will be up to each province to determine things like legal age and where recreational marijuana will be sold.

Fagin also points out that some of the fears surrounding legalization are largely unfounded. He brought up the example of Colorado. When the state legalized recreational use in 2014, there were concerns that impaired driving would increase and use by teens would rise. Fagin said it’s been just the opposite and Colorado discovered the biggest increase in use has been among seniors.