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Dozens gather at Calgary City Hall to protest chemical attack in Syria

Last Updated Apr 6, 2017 at 10:02 am MDT

Patsy Sasselman, top, embraces her son in front of Calgary City Hall.(Photo by Chelsey Harms/660 NEWS)

Roughly 60 people, including a small number of refugees, gathered outside Calgary City Hall on Wednesday evening to protest war crimes in Syria.

They expressed their outrage about a chemical attack in a northern town that killed dozens of people, including many children.

Protester Saima Jamal said she couldn’t bare to see the pictures of people dying.

“Kids are choking in front of you to death, and that just shook us to the core, and we couldn’t just stay quiet anymore,” she said. “Those waves of horrifying feelings that we had for the last six years just woke up again.”

Jamal said enough is enough.

“You don’t use chemical weapons, that’s where you draw the red line. We won’t be staying silent,” she told 660 NEWS.

Sam Nammora, with the Syrian Refugee Support Group, thinks the rest of the world is not doing enough.

“This is an international conflict and people are just sitting there and watching,” he said. “This is not a video game, guys.”

A number of children showed up at the protest with signs honouring the young victims of the chemical attack.