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Alberta Party makes strides as it looks to #BringCentreTogether

Forget about ‘uniting the right’ or ‘strengthening the left’, the Alberta Party believes it can bring the centre together.

Party leader and Calgary Elbow MLA Greg Clark has been busy travelling the province and is coming off two successful talks with potential members in both Calgary and Edmonton.

“What Albertans reject is polarized politics and what they’re being told right now is they need to make a choice between caring about people and caring about money; I care about both,” Clark told 660 NEWS. “The NDP want us to believe they are the only ones who look out for people, but clearly they can’t manage a budget. The Wildrose, Jason Kenney, whatever that turns out to be, are going to focus only on finances, but I’m worried there is going to be a real human cost to their platform. I know that we can have both.”

Clark’s been touting his message of being able to care for our neighbours and balance a budget and he’s seeing some large crowds.

“We’re going to have 87 great candidates all around the province, give every Albertan an opportunity to vote Alberta Party in the next election. Lots of people are starting to step up and these are people, some of them you would have heard before, but a lot of them are just really good, strong community people.”

He believes the key to success in the election will be having people Albertans can recognize and support in each of those ridings.

“It’s about optimism, there’s a lot of great things happening in this province despite the fact there are some real challenges,” he said.

Clark explained they’re discounting a merger with the Liberal Party, given its slow decline over recent years.

“We are the centre, we are the meeting place, we are a big tent party, but our big tent has solid walls. There are certain values that will not be represented in the Alberta Party and that’s primarily social Conservative values. If you want to roll back women’s reproductive rights, if you want to roll back gay rights or LGBTQ rights for kids in schools, then those values are not going to be represented in the Alberta Party. You’re entitled to believe that, you’re entitled to believe that somewhere else.”

The Calgary Elbow MLA maintains his party can beat the NDP in the 2019 election.

“I think Albertans know we can have compassionate government that cares about our neighbours, that has efficient health and education systems and balance a budget at the same time.”