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Wildlife group urges Calgarians not to be afraid of skunks

Spring is here and that means skunk love is alive in Calgary.

The Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation says it is getting a lot of calls from people within the city spotting skunks who are out looking for either new territory, food or that “special” skunk.

“It is normal that people are seeing skunks right now,” said executive director Holly Duvall. “It is part of their natural behaviour, so if people do see skunks, we are asking them to be aware, they do not spray right off the bat.”

Duvall said there are warning signs the animal will give you such as stomping its feet, scurrying backward and hissing.

“They really do have to be in defense mode in order to spray and it takes about 10 days for them to replenish that scent, so prior to spraying they will show a lot of defensive behaviour,” she said.

With the warmer temperature, the AIWC said it is also getting a lot of calls about baby hares.

“It seems that every year babies are being born earlier and we are trying to be prepared for that,” she said.

According to Duvall, they will see about 1,000 wildlife babies every year.

Typically their busy season is May to the end of August.

Anyone with questions or concerns about wildlife on their property is being urged to call 403-946-2361.