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New strategy aims to improve river access in Calgary

(Kaitlin Lee, 660 NEWS)

The city is looking at doubling the amount of safe access points onto the Bow River.

A new strategy headed to the Community and Protective Services Committee meeting Wednesday, would come with a $1.69 million price tag

At one point, there were at least 18 places boaters and tubers could launch, but after the 2013 flood that number dwindled to three.

Counc. Shane Keating said many Calgarians have since been accessing the waterway in hazardous areas or using sites reserved for emergency services.

“They’ve been gated off in some cases because people were using them or blocking them, so when we had to have a river rescue, the boats couldn’t get to the river as quickly as they should have,” he said.

Keating said we have a world class river for angling and fly fishing and there’s an economic spin-off to giving pedestrians improved access as well.