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Council debates whether to make cycle track permanent

Bicycles ride down the 12 Avenue SW cycle track. June 2, 2015. (Jonathan Muma, 660 NEWS)

The fate of the cycle track is back on the table at City Hall Thursday.

The Transportation Committee will look over results from a study showing how the track is working so far and make a recommendation to council on whether to make the infrastructure permanent.

The final vote will happen December 19.

Councillor Sean Chu would like to see the whole track ripped out, especially after talking to downtown business owners who tell him the pilot project has hurt sales.

“In this environment, this economic downturn, do we really want to make business more difficult?” he mused.

Ward 12’s Shane Keating disagrees, telling CityNews usage shows the track should stay.

“I’m satisfied that they are being used to a degree, I’m satisfied they will do nothing but get more ridership in the future as the city grows,” he said.

Administration is recommending the $6-million dollar track be left in place due to the 40 per cent increase in cycle trips since it went in.