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Long waits for AMA Roadside Assistance on Day 1 of city's cold snap

Alberta Motor Association

Expect a long and lengthy wait if you’re in need of a tow.

The Alberta Motor Association says it’s seeing more than 3.5 times the normal call volume.

The longest wait is for a tow, it can be upwards of three and a half hours.

Technical Manager Randy Loyk says they’re only expecting things to get worse as the week progresses.

“We’re starting to see the temperatures dip below minus 25, we would consider that extreme temperatures for the motoring public so make sure you plug in your vehicle, clear your windows, that type of thing,” said Loyk. “Once we start seeing those colder temperatures, trying putting off any longer trips if you can.”

Loyk says you should also have a fully charged cell phone, a blanket and come dressed for the conditions in the event you have to wait outside for any given time.

He adds make sure you have a full tank of gas, if you let it get below a quarter of a tank you could be inviting trouble with these frigid temperatures.