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American machining giant gives SAIT a hefty donation

Future SAIT students in manufacturing and automation will be the biggest benefactors of a massive donation from a large U.S. corporation.

American machine giant Haas Automation has chosen Calgary’s SAIT campus for its foundation’s largest-ever donation to a Canadian post-secondary institution.

Haas is a global leader in machine tools, and dropped a million dollars into SAIT’s machining labs on Thursday.

As an American giant in the field, SAIT President Dr. David Ross says the donation is even more special coming from that company.

“In terms of an institute of technology, not only in a Canadian context but in a global context, people come to us to see how to do it. And that global leadership perspective you hear us talk about a lot, we take that very serious, and we want to be the thought leaders in applied education, and part of it is what you see here.”

And the check is in U.S. dollars, so it actually tops over a million. Lab improvements are slated to begin in the new year.