Four Calgary non-profits make top 10 Canadian list
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Four Calgary non-profits make top 10 Canadian list

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Four local charities are making a big splash, despite tough economic times in the province.

The groups have been named in a list of top 10 Canadian non-profits by Charity Intelligence Canada.

The Calgary Food Bank, Children’s Cottage Society, Fresh Start Recovery, and Inn from the Cold are all being added to the 2016 Canadian Charity Impact Fund.

It means donors can trust the money they give will make a significant difference.

Janine Webb, Director of Donor Relations at Inn from the Cold, says it’s the highest bar they could set.

“It’s a huge pat on the back to know that you know what, even in tough times, we continue to offer the highest level of service and guest-centred care, and that our priorities and services have not changed at all when it comes to the priority we set to make sure that no child is without a place to sleep tonight,” she said.

Donations to the CCIF will be pooled and distributed to all 10 charities on the list, with the aim of having the biggest impact on Canadian lives.