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"This icon is now gone" - Alison Redford on Jim Prentice


Redford: "Jim was an incredible man...I can't imagine how difficult today is."

The two were political volunteers in the 80s and Redford articled for Prentice in the early 90s

She hopes Albertans will remember him as a "good family man."

Fellow former Alberta premier Alison Redford called Jim Prentice an icon Friday after hearing about his death, for his dedication to public service and to his loved ones.

“My first thought was for his family,” Redford told 660 NEWS in an interview. “Jim was an incredible man, Karen is a very strong woman and they are a family that have given their lives to public service and this must be a very sad day.”

“I can’t imagine how difficult today is.”

After Redford resigned in March of 2014, Prentice took over for interim premier Dave Hancock later that year.

But Redford and Prentice go back much further, as they both were political volunteers in the 80s and she articled for him in the early 90s.

“I saw first hand, a wonderful father and wonderful husband,” she said.

Redford found out about the news from a close friend before it broke out in the media.

“Although you think you may have a minute to absorb it, once there started to be pictures and shots of him on television, you realize this icon is now gone,” she said. “I’m still coming to terms.”

She said she admired Prentice because of his deep commitment to being a progressive Canadian and someone who believed in equality, respect and improving lives through public service.

When asked how she would like Albertans and all Canadians to remember him, she gave a simple answer.

“He was a good family man.”