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Many Albertans concerned about effect of pesticides


A majority of Albertans think lawn and garden pesticides threaten their children and pets, according to a new poll.

The survey from the Canadian Association for Physicians for the Environment says 66 per cent of Albertans believe cosmetic pesticides pose a threat to children, while even more think they can harm pets.

Robin McLeod with the Coalition for a Healthy Calgary says it’s good to hear people are educated about the risks on the their own lawns and on city property.

“These are pesticides that eventually find their ways into waterways and have not a very good effect on air or soil.”

McLeod adds it’s time for the province to regulate what can be bought to treat private lawns and public greenspaces.

“We already have seven provinces in Canada that have legislation for pesticides that are used on turf and gardens. Many municipalities throughout the country have their own municipal bylaws.”

A thousand people participated in the recent phone poll.