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RCMP issue warning about phone scam where the fraudster pretends to be a "Mountie"

A warning to Albertans about a potential phone scam where the fraudster is pretending to be an actual RCMP officer.

It’s happening in Fort Saskatchewan, the local detachment says they’ve been receiving numerous complaints.

According to police, an aggressive man with an East Indian accent is calling victims and he’s using the phone number of the local detachment.

He identifies himself as an “officer” and then says there is a warrant out for the person’s arrest.

The victim is told they owe a specified amount of money and they’re asked for their personal information.

They’re also told if they don’t pay, the police will come to their house and arrest them.

“The police do not execute warrants over the phone and they do not take your money in order to deal with outstanding warrants,” said Corporal Jennifer Brown.

They’re warning the public to not provide their personal or banking information over the phone unless they know who is on the other end.

Anyone with concerns should contact their local RCMP detachment.