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Mustard Seed gets huge corporate donation

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A million dollar announcement was made Monday to help end homelessness in Calgary.

It’s a corporate donation that comes at a time when those are few and far between.

Citing a committment to building resilient communities, the big cheque comes from Zurich Insurance and will help the Mustard Seed put a dent in the mortgage on the 1010, which provides affordable housing to more than 240 vulnerable Calgarians.

Seed CEO Stephen Wile says the donation comes at a time of need.

“[It] not only makes your day, it makes our month, and in some ways it’s making our year because let’s face it, these are tougher times for donations especially from corporations,” he says.

Zurich CEO Patrick Lundy says along with the funding, employees will stay connected with the Mustard Seed and Calgary’s Resolve Campaign to work to solve the issue of homelessness in the city.