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Shakespeare fans may want to check out Lougheed House for "Much Ado About Nothing"

Lougheed House City Derek Brade

Fans of the classics may want to check out Lougheed House, as an Edmonton theatre-troup is putting on one of Shakespeare’s best “Much Ado About Nothing”.

This performance will be interactive though and actors will move throughout the house over the course of the show.

It’ll also give audience members a chance to take part, it’s one of the reasons why they’re keeping it intimate at 30 people.

“It’s a roving site-specific production so the audience follows the actors throughout the show,” said director Andrew Ritchie. “Instead of stting down in the show, you’re going to be going up and down the stairs, you’ll be dancing, running and in some cases you’ll be able to play some of the characters, so the audience is integral.”

Ritchie says there is one performer for every three or four audience members.

“We’ve done it twice, at the Rutherford House in Edmonton, we’ve been around since 2011.”

“I feel like because you’re part of the show, it’s easier to drop into the language of Shakespeare when they’re referencing things right beside you, you are those people, the interactivity just gets people very excited about it and after the show they love to talk to the actors.”

He added it’s completely accessible and it’s open to everyone.

“The majority of our audience is adults, people think sometimes it’s very high-brow but often times it’s also really dirty. We’ve definitely cranked up the sex-component so bring your kids but be warned.”

Much Ado About Nothing will run nightly at 7:30 starting on Wednesday, August 31 and they’ll also have 2pm matinees on Monday, September 5 and Tuesday, September 6.

More information can be found here.