Tories accuse the Liberals of turning their back on forestry jobs
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Tories accuse the Liberals of turning their back on forestry jobs

Another setback to the softwood lumber debate as the Conservatives are accusing the Liberals of turning their back on forestry jobs.

Late Thursday, Liberal members of the House of Commons International Trade Committee voted against the Conservative motion to come up with a national agenda in negotiations with the United States.

According to the Conservatives, Liberal Member of Parliament Linda Lapointe said getting everyone together was a “waste of time and money.”

Caribou-Prince George Member of Parliament Todd Doherty tells 660 NEWS it’s these kinds of comments that don’t solve anything.

“There is not a one size fits all from coast, to coast to coast. Whether you’re in the Maritimes, whether you’re in Qu├ębec, whether you’re in Alberta, Saskatchewan or B.C, there are going to be different views as to how we move forward and that was one of the challenges that we presented.”

“We’re hearing from the friends and families of those employed by the forestry industry and there’s a lot of concern that’s out there, we have a lot of mixed messages coming from the government.”

“Prime Minister Trudeau has met with President Obama three times since coming to office, but his government continues to miss their own deadlines for a new softwood lumber agreement and we have no confidence that they will deliver one in time,” said Gerry Ritz, Opposition Critic for International Trade in a news release.

370,000 Canadians are employed in the forestry sector across the country.

In Alberta, forest products make up a $4 billion dollar industry. The United States remains the province’s biggest consumer making up for 24 per cent of exports in 2014.