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Gold medallist Catriona Le May Doan expects local clubs to start aiming for new 2020 Olympic Sports

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All eyes may be on Rio as the opening ceremony for the Summer Olympics start Friday, but many young, local athletes are looking to ahead to 2020.

On Wednesday, the International Olympic Committee announced the new additions of karate, skateboarding, surfing, baseball-softball and sports climbing to Tokyo games.

Two-time Olympic gold medallist and Sport Calgary representative, Catriona Le May Doan, says local teams will be aiming for their shot at the podium.

“Clubs and these organizations, especially within a sporting city like Calgary, really start to emerge and probably now try to even bring athletes in because they’ll want to be known as the first time these sports are in the Olympic program, that they were involved in building these athletes,” says Le May Doan.

She says Canada typically does well in new sports at the Olympics.