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Councillor wants province to back SE Deerfoot interchange

file photo (Dave Will, 660 NEWS)

A city councillor is frustrated with the province for not giving the green-light to fund a project along Deerfoot Trail in the southeast backed by the city and a contractor.

The city and Brookfield Residential have committed $20 million towards the $50 million price-tag to connect the communities of Cranston and Seton at 212th Avenue and Deerfoot Trail.

Ward 12 Councillor Shane Keating tells 660 NEWS they will cover the rest as a loan.

“What surprised me and what is the concern is the fact that they came out and said well it’s a priority to the city, but it is not a priority for the province. I always kind of thought the province had the same priorities as the city and that’s looking after Calgarians and Albertans, but it seems for whatever reason they just keep saying no.”

Keating says residential, business and commercial development around the South Health Campus is on-hold until it is built.

“All of this development is contingent on getting 212 put in so that we have the right infrastructure for transportation for vehicles and for goods in and out of there, which opens it for residential development as well as business and commercial development. So without the interchange everything is on hold.”

Keating says the only thing they want from the province is a date as to when they would pay them back the 30-million dollars.