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Canadian woman and cousin in middle of Nice, France attacks

Last Updated Jul 15, 2016 at 5:34 am MDT

(Courtesy: Facebook)

Grace O’Farrell, who is from Winnipeg, and her cousin were both stuck in the middle of the crowd that was run down by a truck in Nice, France Thursday night.

They had gone down to the beach area to watch the fireworks for Bastille Day.

O’Farrell said her and her cousin heard screams, and then saw the truck speeding through the barriers that were put in place to keep traffic out of the area.

“Bodies flew in the air. One of things right at that moment is, we are standing there, watching this truck come directly at us, and we are in the promenade right in the middle of it, and the sounds were like cardboard popping or crunching sounds, it was just grotesque,” O’Farrell said.

She said the truck just missed her and her cousin and they had to step out of the way to avoid the vehicle.

O’Farrell told 660 NEWS, she is very lucky and happy to be alive, and the attack will not stop her from returning in the future.

But this should be a big reminder for everyone.

“Give everyone a big hug that you care for. This kind of thing can happen anytime, and we never know how much time we have. So show your appreciation and care,” O’Farrell said.