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Beaver found abandoned at local Calgary golf course

Last Updated Jul 8, 2016 at 9:23 am MDT

Officials at the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation say this baby beaver was found abandoned at a local golf course #yyc AIWC

Hearing about the newest patient at the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation doesn’t do him justice, you have to see the video.

An abandoned baby beaver has been found at a Calgary area golf course and turned over to the not-for-profit in a bid to nurse him back to health.

He was found with an injured tail, it’s believed a predator picked the infant up and left him under a tree, at the top of a hill and far from any kind of source of water.

“He is an American Beaver kit and he was admitted last week,” said Executive Director Holly Duvall. “He came into our care for treatment, until he’s able to be released into the wild.”

Duvall estimates the kit to be between 4 to 6 weeks old and says he’ll likely be with them for the next two to three years.

“At the age he is now, he requires formula and we feed him a formula specific to beavers and he’s also getting a diet of live wood,” she said. “Because he’s a beaver he needs a lot of water access so he’s in the pool five times a day.”

She says they’re slowly increasing the size of the pool as he learns how to be a beaver.

They’ve consulted with other treatment centres in Canada and the United States as to how best care for him.

“We really weren’t expecting this reaction at all, it’s great, any word we can bring to our organization we truly appreciate,” she said. “It’s great.”

It’s their hope this incident will teach many of who to call when they come across injured wildlife.

In the meantime, Duvall says they’re doing everything they can to ensure he’s raised properly and healthy while in their care.