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New companies getting in on Stampede bashes, others waiting to book

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It’s not long now!

Calgary is just under three weeks away from this year’s Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, and party plans are starting to come together.

But, is the economy putting a damper on the traditional Calgary Stampede hoopla?

David Howard, President of The Event Group, says it appears the traditional corporate party is making a comeback.

“What we’re working with is, you know, what we would say, is Calgary’s second economy or new economy and it’s a lot of tech industry, HR companies, transportation companies,” he explained.

Howard says oil and gas companies continue to take a break, allowing others to really get in on the game.

It’s resulted in a 30 per cent increase in business over last year for The Event Group.

Darren Kershaw owns Special Event Rentals which supplies party infrastructure like tents, barbecues and portable dance floors.

He’s seen a 10 per cent drop on Stampede bookings, but anticipates that to change as we enter the final days before Calgary’s 10 day party.

“As the economy changes and as the budget changes, people wait, and they hold off and they maybe don’t book till a month out, or they know everything’s a go,” Kershaw said.

Kershaw also says non-Stampede bookings have been up over the summer as well.