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Clinton best candidate for Canada: MRU political scientist

Last Updated Jun 8, 2016 at 11:47 pm MDT

Credit: Wikipedia

The race for the White House appears to be just getting started now that the two main political parties have presumptive nominees.

But when it comes to Canada and what’s best for Alberta between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, one political scientist says the answer may surprise you.

Even though most of us might think Alberta could benefit from Republican policies, Mount Royal University’s Chair of Policy Studies Duane Bratt believes the Democratic candidate is far less erratic than her counterpart.

“Trump is even more actively against trade, he’s talking about what he calls ‘fair trade’,” Bratt said. “Fair trade seems to be old-style mercantilism, where America wins and everybody else loses, that’s a fair trade for him.”

Even though Clinton has publicly come out against the Keystone XL pipeline, Bratt also said no deal is ever dead.

“There may be things that we don’t like about Hillary Clinton, but she would not be the erratic personality that Donald Trump is, the hateful world of Donald Trump,” Bratt said.