Notley says Wildrose is "struggling"
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Notley says Wildrose is "struggling"

(Lucas Meyer, 660 NEWS)

Premier Rachel Notley says the saga of Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt’s suspension and return to the party shows a very clear signal of the state of the opposition.

Speaking in Calgary Tuesday, Notley said the Wildrose is struggling.

“With respect to the waffling back and forth in terms of whether Mr. Fildebrandt is in or out, or on side, or whatever it is today, I think we see a party that’s in a bit of disarray,” she said.

Fildebrandt was let back into caucus Tuesday.

He was suspended after someone referred to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on his Facebook page as “Mr. Wynne or whatever the hell she identifies as….”, and he wrote: “proud to have constituents like you.”

Fildebrandt has apologized numerous times saying he misread the comment.

It also came after he heavily criticized Ontario’s policies with Wynne sitting as a guest in the legislature.

Notley says it ultimately shows they’re not ready to engage in a national conversation on behalf of Albertans.